2017 Committees

If you are the chair of a committee, please contact our Treasurer, Melissa Grawe for instructions on available funds.

Executive Committee
Carol Cleaves
DeeAnn Haworth
Gail Hoover
Amy Korn
Joan Lally
Exie Lundquist
Sue Meek
Melissa Grawe, Treasurer
Lisa Smith, Newsletter

Hospitality Committee
Greets and promotes interaction between and among members and visitors,supports a hospitable environment before and after meetings, assists with annual guild birthday celebration, awards pins for show and tell, and also arranges any other special recognition i.e. presents guild pins to guest speakers.
Chair:  Marilyn Lundquist 
Members:  Sue Meek, Carol Cleaves, Barb Vance, Linda Linard, Vickie Mills

Fun With Fabric Committee
Chair:  Judy Theil 
Members:  Exie Lundquist, Gail Hoover, Judy O’Shaughnessy, Ida Dillard

Keeper of the Westerville Quilt and Scrap Books
Quilt Keeper: Sharon Cowans 

Membership Committee
Maintains a current record of guild members and coordinates e-mail announcements.
Chair: Janice Baer 
Members: Judy Theil 

Prepares a monthly newsletter.
Chair: Lisa Smith

Publicity Committee
Promotes public awareness of guild activities in media formats.
Chair:  Sue Meek

Monthly Opportunity Basket Committee
Creates a basket of quilting items to be raffled to guild members monthly. Money raised goes to support guild activities.
Chair:  Shannon Bartlett
Members:  Lisa Smith, Marilyn Lundquist, Ida Dillard

Service Project Committee
Leads the guild in efforts to make and present quilts to charities.
Chair:  Beth Gabel 
Members:  Pam Aylor 

Special Events Retreat Committee
Plans weekend retreats or other similar events.
Members:  Abby Miller, Pam Aylor, Beth Gabel 

Sunshine Committee
Sends cards and/or flowers when necessary to guild members, and thank you notes to guest speakers.
Chair: Christina Sidebottom

Web Site and Facebook Committee
Maintains a web and social media presence and updates as necessary.
WebMaster: Sharon Cowans
Facebook: Melissa Grawe

Special Project-Fat Quarter Themed Raffle
Provides a monthly fat quarter theme.
Chair: Linda Linard